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Precision Cellular & Sound stocks and installs Control4 systems, and ICRealTime cameras that cooperate perfectly.

You want to be in-the-know on what’s going on at home. Check in on things at home from wherever you are. Receive alerts when someone enters the house, the garage door is left ajar, or if there is a leak detected in the basement.

Intelligent security puts peace of mind at your fingertips so you can rest assured that all is safe and sound at home, whether you are home or away.

Control4 Integration

Homeowners rely on surveillance cameras and NVRs (network video recorders) to bolster the security of their homes and businesses. With Control4, it’s easy to check in on home from anywhere in the world—right from your smartphone.

  • View live security camera footage on your television, Control4 touchscreens, and mobile devices.
  • Remotely connect and command your home, from virtually anywhere.
  • Control4 supports the same streaming capabilities that are utilized by the best surveillance cameras to deliver superior video quality at 80% or more bandwidth savings, increasing efficiency and reliability.

ICRealtime Cameras

Precision usues IC Realtime because they are committed to exceeding the expectations of all clients, from the largest distributors to individual users, through robust hardware, innovative software, and exceptional support. Their products include:

  • Coax Systems
    The heritage of the CCTV system. Analog surveillance includes Analog cameras producing standard definition composite video output, Digital Video Recorder (DVRs) Systems to record the Analog video via Coaxial cable and BNC connections. While somewhat outdated, these devices are still widely prevalent in the field as existing installations.
    • HD-AVS Systems
      • HD-AVS Cameras
      • HD-AVS Recorders
    • SD Systems
      • SD Cameras
      • SD Recorders
  • IP Systems 

    While other products may have an IP interface, the ‘IP Systems’ product category is specifically designated for systems involving IP Cameras, and Network Video Recorders (NVRs). These systems are by far the most common use case, and are the most widely prevalent type of CCTV systems around. Networking and TCP/IP knowledge is required to be successful with these sorts of systems, especially from a supporting role. Cameras are connected to network switches using Network Category cables and RJ-45 connections.

    • CMS Servers
    • IP Cameras
    • Intercom Systems
    • Network Video Recorders
  • Accessories
    • Hard drives
    • Mounts
    • Testing Kits
    • Power & Transmission accessories

Why Choose IC Realtime?


Why Control4?



If your alarm triggers, your indoor and outdoor lights can flash repeatedly to draw more attention. Every TV in your home can automatically pull up security cameras so you can see where the intrusion occurred. And alerts on your smart device can immediately notify you of any unauthorized access.


Set up “mockupancy” programs that will turn interior lights on and off in unpredictable patterns when you’re not around, giving any onlookers the perception you’re home. Sensors can monitor things like interior temperatures and moisture to alert you of problems (like a furnace failure or water leak) that could damage your home.



Whether you’re out having dinner at a local restaurant or on vacation halfway across the world, you can still have full access and control of your home’s security all from the palm of your hand. With the Control4 app, you can view house cameras, lock your doors and even turn on your porch lights—all from the same app.

See more:

IC RealTime Portable Playback Demo

See how it works on this simple Youtube video.

What is home automation?

With Control4, the possibilities for home automation are truly endless. This video highlights a few of the amazing ways you can turn your home into a smart home, easily!

Home Theater, Simplified

The Reeds wanted a more intuitive home theater experience. With a home theater controller and universal remote from Control4, they now have a fully automated home theater that integrates video, audio, and lighting. Watch now!

Modify & Personalize Your Control4 Smart Home

Homeowners want the ability to tweak and fine-tune their own system without calling a professional. With When/Then, homeowners can now make adjustments to their Control4 Smart Home through their account. With only a few clicks, they can tie a keypad button to a playlist, receive a push notification when their security system is in an alarm state, and adjust the schedule for their smart lighting.

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