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Control4 is our recommended climate control solution

Enjoy a smart, comfortable, and inviting home that delivers energy-efficient climate control, convenient management of your pool and spa, and enables easy communication for your family.


Control4 climate control is more than just programming your thermostat. It’s about driving home from vacation and ramping up the heat from your smartphone before you arrive. It’s your smart home system automatically sensing the outside temperature, season or time of day and adjusting the inside temperature accordingly. It’s about intelligent temperature control, personalized just as you desire, making your home more comfortable, and saving some “green” at the same time.



With a Control4 thermostat you can place hidden remote temperature sensors throughout your house so you’ll always have the perfect temperature no matter which room you’re in. And by using the beautiful interface from a touch screen or the Control4 app to adjust the settings, you’re able to put the actual thermostat in a closet instead of having it clutter up the wall.


Climate control involves more than just adjusting your thermostat. What if your shades could roll up and down in tune with the sunrise and sunset? Well they can, and Control4 can make it happen. Or you can program your fireplace to fire up when you walk in a room. Precision Cellular & Sound will set you up with Control4 Comfort Solutions that can make sure your house is the perfect temperature, day or night.


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What is home automation?

With Control4, the possibilities for home automation are truly endless. This video highlights a few of the amazing ways you can turn your home into a smart home, easily!

Home Theater, Simplified

The Reeds wanted a more intuitive home theater experience. With a home theater controller and universal remote from Control4, they now have a fully automated home theater that integrates video, audio, and lighting. Watch now!

Modify & Personalize Your Control4 Smart Home

Homeowners want the ability to tweak and fine-tune their own system without calling a professional. With When/Then, homeowners can now make adjustments to their Control4 Smart Home through their account. With only a few clicks, they can tie a keypad button to a playlist, receive a push notification when their security system is in an alarm state, and adjust the schedule for their smart lighting.

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