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Whether you’re home or away, with Intercom Anywhere you can monitor and communicate with any room of your smart home.

Greet guests and allow them to enter even if you are running late, check in on your kids even if they aren’t answering their phones, observe and communicate with anyone who approaches your front door—with Intercom Anywhere you have peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Intercom. Anywhere.

With Intercom Anywhere from Control4, you’ll never miss an important delivery again.

When your mobile device is part of your Control4 intercom experience you’ll stay connected and in control like never before.

View your front porch, turn on the light, unlock the door, and more, directly from your mobile device.

Monitor and secure your packages. As well as your home.

With Intercom Anywhere from Control4, you can easily keep in touch even though you haven’t gone far.

You can talk to the entire house with just a tap.

And check in on the kids, even when they don’t answer the phone.

From anywhere in the world receive calls from your front porch, gate, or even the inside of the house. Even call the touchscreens at home directly from your mobile device using the Intercom Anywhere app.



When your mobile device is part of the intercom experience, you’ll always know who’s at the door. From wherever you are—from the backyard to the backlands—quickly tap a custom button within the app, such as “Delivery”, to disarm the alarm, turn on the light, and unlock the door. Once that important package is placed safely inside, another tap secures the house once again.


control4 anywhere



connected control4


First impressions are important, even at the front door. Rather than a simple piece of plastic, the Control4 Door Station features upscale, metal finishes, can be flush or surface-mounted, and delivers exceptional audio and high-definition video intercom to touch screens and mobile devices.


Right within the Intercom Anywhere app are custom buttons that can be set up to respond how you desire. Tap a “Family” button to let someone you trust into the house while you’re away. Or a “Backyard” button that opens the side gate so that a service worker may access the utility box. Your custom buttons can be set up to unlock any door, open a gate or garage door, turn on a light, disarm the alarm, and do any number of these actions simultaneously.



In addition to all of the other powerful benefits a Control4 4Sight subscription provides—such as hands-on personalization and voice control—you’ll get this new added Intercom Anywhere functionality.

If you already subscribe to 4Sight and have Control4 Intercom enabled at home, download the Intercom App to get started. You’ll want to make sure your system in running the most Control4 OS. To get upgraded, contact your Control4 Smart Home Professional. Learn more about 4Sight.

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